I Wrote a Long-Form Email for a Startup!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
TLDR? Watch this!

I’ve been doing a lot of copywriting recently. I’ve done everything from blogs to email sequences to web copy! It has been way more fun than I expected. There was other type of copywriting that I wanted to try before I moved on to other aspects of marketing for a couple weeks.

In my interview with Ryan Healy, he talked about his experience as a freelance copywriter and exactly what he did. In his own words; “junk mail”. Companies pay him to write several pages of cold copy intended to be sent out in emails and snail-mail. This intrigued me, because I don’t have any experience with physical mail. I decided to take a crack at it.

The end result was… interesting.

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes struggle writing emails. This definitely held true. In the past when I’ve drafted cold copy, its difficult to start, and then the rest of it all comes to me in a rush. This project was tough from start to finish. And the first draft was in all honesty, bad. I’m not going to beat around the bush, it wasn’t good. But that’s why drafts exist. After I finished it, I took a break, got around to other work, and came back the next day.

I’ve recently found that one of the best ways to find mistakes is to read what you’ve written out loud. It brutally reveals your ugly errors, so you can fix them, and read it again. After a couple rounds of that, I opened up the doc for peer review.

I’m not a dramatic person, but peer review is God’s gift for writers. It genuinely levels up your work. After resolving a couple of comments, it was ready to be published.

Final Notes

The email isn’t perfect. No matter how I phrased things, it was a challenge to keep it engaging. However, the goal of this project wasn’t to make the ideal long-form email. The goal of this project was to experiment with other forms of marketing and see what I could create. I personally believe that snail-mail and long email marketing are dying out, but that didn’t keep me from using this opportunity to hone and sharpen my writing skills.

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we wanted at first. But that’s the real world. And the real world is what separates the beginner from the pro. A beginner runs into trouble and gives up. A pro smiles when he hits obstacles and failures, because they know that always being perfect at something means you aren’t growing. And hooooo boy did I grow from this one!

So don’t give up. Get up, go for a walk, then sit right back down and keep creating. Find where you can grow, and rocket towards the sky. I’ll make sure to give you a friendly wave on the way up!

A curious and adventurous mind, always read to push boundaries and forge the new trail.