I Got A Job!

That’s right! I got a job! After only just a month and a half on the job hunt, I managed to secure a well-paying sales position at the startup SecondKeys! How did I manage to go from a cart-pusher at my local grocery store to a salesman in under two months without a college degree?

Enter Praxis

First off, I should make this clear: this is not any sort of advertisement for Praxis. Praxis just simply works.

What is Praxis? Praxis is the four-six month college alternative that leads to a job! Instead of wasting your time learning academic skills that don’t help in the real world, Praxis condenses everything you need to know to crush your career goals, teaches you that info in just three months, then guides you through the job-hunting process, until you land that role you’ve been looking for! Praxis is amazing, but that’s not why I originally joined.

As silly as this seems now, I applied to Praxis not because I thought it would jumpstart my career in any amazing way, but because it felt like less of a commitment than college. It would only be roughly half-a-year at most, so if I hated it I could do something else afterward. Spoiler alert: I didn’t hate it.

I quickly figured out within the first month just how awesome Praxis truly is! The amount of personal and professional growth I was experiencing was unmatched by anything I had learned inside and outside of highschool! However, I had yet to realize Praxis’ true potential. All that changed when I entered the job search portion of the course.

The Job Search: Going Above and Beyond

How do you succeed in the job search? Do you send out tons and tons of resumes, hoping to get just one or two calls back? OR, do you spend time on each application, finding ways to personalize and stand out?

In case the answer isn’t obvious: STAND OUT! Find ways to be different from everyone else on the job hunt! Make personalized videos instead of resumes! Connect with the hiring managers on LinkedIn! Send follow-up emails! That’s how you get noticed. That’s how I got noticed.

Focus on fewer opportunities, and make them count.

If you do that, I KNOW you’ll find a job faster than sending out endless resumes!

And as always, my friends, choose joy.



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