i can’t be quiet any longer

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

I very much avoid getting political, or religious in these blog posts. I find that usually writing a blog about your opinion is akin to screaming into the void. However, I’m writing this tonight because I don’t know what else I can do that might have a greater impact (yet). I just finished a conversation with a close friend of mine, and during it he challenged me to stand up for what I believe in.

With that being said: ABORTION.

I am a Christian. Because of that, I believe, very firmly, that life begins at inception (when the sperm enters the egg). Because of this, I hate abortions.

I’m also, obviously, a man. And I’m sure that, if this post happens to get any traction, many people will claim that I have no right to talk about this subject. I’ve debated with many people online about this very topic, and every time I’ve been told I shouldn’t speak on the issue, because I’m a male.

To be as clear as possible: I HAVE A RIGHT TO VOICE MY OPINION. Why? Because in my case it is a MORAL OBLIGATION. I believe that innocent people are dying in droves, how could I ever stay silent?

So, thus begins my new blog series: The Case for the Unborn.

I’m planning to release one blog a week on this subject, along with my blogs discussing my time at my new job. I encourage everyone reading this to join me as I break down arguments for abortion, and provide plenty against, week by week.

If you disagree with Pro-Life, then chances are you won’t be reading any more blogs, but I would challenge you to give me a shot. Let me make a case against abortion, and if by the end you still aren’t convinced, then I have failed to change your mind, and you can move on. No risk on your part.

To say I’m excited to write this series would be a lie. However, this is important, and for my own conscious’ sake, this must be written.

Let’s learn together, and let’s stop abortion.

And as always my friends, choose joy.

A curious and adventurous mind, always read to push boundaries and forge the new trail.