Becoming More

Goals for this week:

  • Edit and recap Randalyn Marketing Interview
  • Notion Task List Project with a recap
  • Week four writeup

Goals Accomplished

  • Edit and recap Randalyn Marketing Interview
  • Notion Task List Project with a recap
  • Week four writeup
  • (Bonus Goal) Finish Project Landing Page

They say third time’s the charm, but it took me four weeks to finally nail down what it truly means to take the initiative to self-educate. This week I focused on management as it pertains to marketing, and began to wrap up this month. Let’s dive in!

The Managing Marketers Interview!

I’ll be honest. At the beginning of this interview, I wasn’t really expecting to learn anything practical that I would be able to apply to my life right now. How truly wrong I was. Randalyn Hill’s advice on how to manage people and stay motivated was actually super useful! You should definitely watch the interview for yourself, but here’s a quick recap.

Out of the many different skills that are needed for successful management, Randalyn spotlighted good communication. Clear communication is something that she struggled with when she first started managing marketers, but she quickly learned some tips and tricks to help get her point across. The biggest one she mentioned was going over all the specific project information needed before giving her employees the reigns. It really helped prevent endless cycles of editing a single blog or design.

Near the end of the interview, she also shared her thoughts on how to keep employees and even yourself motivated and committed. The best way to keep people coming back day after day is to make sure that they completed at least one task or project before leaving the office. The feelings of accomplishment you experience after a job well done is something that should never be underestimated.

Fun Notion Management System!

I was having some trouble figuring out something I could create that would encompass what it means to be a manager, so I asked my peers for help. Within the day I received several suggestions on what I could create. The idea that stood out the most was to create a management system using Notion!

I spent roughly two hours messing around with Notion’s formatting until I found a layout I really enjoyed. I tried my best to think about how I would make a system if I was really a manager at a startup, and I honestly think I created something that I would definitely use! I also had a really good idea to include a short video of me reading of an inspirational quote. I thought it was out-of-the-box but still something that fit well with the project.

Sleek Project Landing Page!

Creating websites daunt me. I’ve said it time and time again. But what I’ve also said time and time again is just how fun it ends up being when you push through the challenge! I finally finished my project website! It’s up and fully ready to go, and I couldn’t be more proud. At first, I didn’t love Wix’s layout, but as I got more accustomed to it, I actually found it very natural. This website blows the one I made a month ago out of the water!

I think the most over-used phrase in the English language may be the old adage, “practice makes perfect”. I find it challenging not to roll my eyes whenever I hear it being tossed around. Yet, there is some nugget of truth buried deep beneath the pithy catchphrase.

We often see or hear about people who can, have, or are doing amazing things. Tony Hawk, Tom Brady, Stephen King, and Van Halen come to mind. We wonder at their skills and naturally assume that we could never do the same. But what we fail to realize is the enormous amount of work they had to put in to get to where they are, career and skill wise. These individuals spent years of their lives training to become the best version of themselves that they could achieve. Yes, natural talent plays a role in success, but not nearly as big as we like to imagine.

We all have talents, whether we’ve discovered them yet or not. What the people we see on tv did was simply double down and hone that ability. Personally, I have a skill in marketing. I know how to sell something, and I know how to use the written word to say what I cannot in person. But I didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to do that. It took a lot of work and practice. Even just this month I’ve seen my writing dramatically improve! So I encourage you, before you just resign yourself to watching other people do amazing things, give it one more go. Do not judge someone for who they ARE, judge them for who they will BECOME.

And I see you becoming someone incredible.



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